Please find below ACTUAL copies of important legal documents. Some that govern the Holly Lake Ranch Subdivision, some that are relevant to current Court cases against the Association and some that are worth less than the paper they were printed on:

Deed Restrictions – Holly Lake Ranch 

By-Law Filings – Stamped – HLRA – 1-8-2013

Affidavit of Probable Cause # 3192-12-1

Notory Records Complaint 12-2-2013-signed

Management Certificate – Collection Procedures – 1-2012

HLRA Affidavit’s of Liens Filed 11-2011 to 11-2013

Notary Records – Barbar Cooper – 11-2013

Gate and Security Services – NRS 11-01-13 124744

Accumulation and Amount of Fee and Maintenance Charge – NRS 11-01-13 125232

James Rsp to P’s RFA, Int, & RFP-1

DPS Investigation Results – Change Name Requirement

Recreational Easements – HL Dev to the Association

Barbara Cooper Emailed Apology for Defaming My Character

Responses to Discovery Requests Sent 7-1-2013 – Demko – Bowmans are same

Disclosures-Admissions-Interrogatories 2012-626

Attachments for the HLRA Disclosures-Admissions-Interrogatories 2013-626 – above

Robert James – Manager of Security Department – Texas Department of Public Safety Private Security Board

Squyres Wannabe Audit

2 thoughts on “Documents

  1. P J Emerson Post author

    FROM THE MINUTES —->Board Resolutions. The appropriate HLRA Board of Directors members signed the documents designating the names of the 2014 Board representatives authorized to sign checks for both City National Bank and Bank Texas.

    The DEED RESTRICTIONS state that ALL the money collected shall go into the Holly Lake Ranch Maintenance Fund. So, how is it that the “FUND” be divided between TWO bank accounts?

    Further investigation into the Notary Records above shows that there was a THIRD bank account closed last year by Robert James. What was that account all about? Partial audit. Where the heck is the FULL AUDIT?

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